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So Great To Be Furry


It’s not much of a secret among my friends that I’m a furry. Once people learn that I am, a lot of weird things that I do sort of fall into place. The way that I fix my hair. The way that I clean my teeth with my tongue after I eat. The way that I’ll scratch an itch on my face with my knuckles and the back of my hand. All of it falls into place, and people feel like they know me better. I’m not trying to emulate animals, though. I’ve done all of this since I was little, and long before I knew what furries were. It’s just something that came natural.

I was starting to embrace that lifestyle in full at college. I was able to live the way that I wanted, and people were very accepting. There were even a few that enjoyed that side, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t. I started to make some very good friends that I wish that I could still be in contact with. However, when I moved back in with my parents, I had to really control that side. My parents think that furries want to have sex with real animals, and they had already had enough bad news at the time. It’s not bad news in all reality, but my parents would have seen it as such, and they couldn’t take it. Frankly, they still don’t know, and I don’t mind that too much. True, I wish that I could tell them, but that won’t be any time soon. I have almost had to repress that side of myself since I’ve been here. It became very hard for me to show it when I wanted to, and I even forgot how to show that side of myself.

I’ve felt so relieved lately as I’ve finally been able to show that side again. While I am still living with my parents at the moment, I have been able to dismiss their suspicions, and I’m been able to show it around friends and family again. I’m still getting back in the swing of it, but it’s so freeing.


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