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Why Is New Better?

I find it odd that people, especially those young enough to still have a first ambition are always grasping for more. And why not? When the opportunity is always there to advance yourself, why not take it every day? I see it a different way, though. For one, there are going to be times that you have to wait before your actions bear fruit, so what do you do in the meantime? Some people would be stuck with nothing but impatience and stress. Second, if you are always grasping for better, what is the point in advancing? “Your eye is always on the horizon.” That is an “inspirational” quote. But if your eye is always on the horizon, then you can’t stare in wonder at the new discovery that you’re standing on. Some would call it resting on one’s laurels, but there is no point in working toward something better if you won’t take the time to enjoy what you’ve gotten. You just remain in a state of unfulfilled restlessness. I find, even at the young age of 19, that sometimes it is good to just take the time to enjoy what you’ve reached and be happy with where you are. Yes, you need to keep moving at on that young age to build for when you get older, but I find that those who have lived longer than us put so much emphasis in it that many young people lose themselves in the effort to live up to this advice. Yes, we need to keep moving, but there are times that we need to enjoy what we’ve accomplished so far. Hell, you get out of high school, quite a proud achievement, and even on graduation day there is pressure to get ready for college. There is no need to burn oneself out working on the distant future. I will not deny that it is important, but a little pride is healthy, and never resting will only send you to an early grave. Take me for instance. I had to leave college because I wasn’t emotionally ready, I am living in a two bedroom apartment with four other people (three of which are disagreeable a vast majority of the time), and I have a part-time, grunt job. You’d think that I would be unhappy, but it’s quite the opposite. I’m overjoyed. I am good at my job, and it gives me the certainty that I need right now and a physical workout that I enjoy. I am with family, agreeable or not. I have the stability that I need grow. I have the financial confidence that, when I’m ready to go back to college, I can. I’m proud of where I am, even if it’s not in a penthouse with every amenity. Who actually wants that anyway?


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