Daily Prompt Reply: Google and Rescue Operation


This is a tricky subject, to be honest. I’m one of those people that clears my search history regularly and freaks out if someone needs to use my laptop before I have. Thankfully, I haven’t been looking at anything below societal standards of “okay” lately. Honestly, I would say that there is a bit of debate as to what I last looked up. I’ll give both examples and let you decide. Either way, I’m giving to answers to this prompt. Hopefully it makes up for my rather long absence recently.

Last night, I had to Google search the MMO RIFT. I was having technical issues, and for some reason I wasn’t sure that their website would simply be rift.com. There are so many games and websites now that aren’t what you would think, and you end up getting sent somewhere that you wouldn’t expect. Sometimes that place is quite counterproductive. I had been coin locked in this game, meaning that I could not buy, sell, destroy items, or in any other way exchange coin. The notification said that I would receive an email with the code to release it. I am still rather new to this game, and seeing as it is much more free to play than other games, seeing as you don’t have to buy access to new areas, so I thought that the fact that I made a second character was what had caused it. Well, I went to my email, and there was nothing. I checked again, nothing. I had it resent, nothing. I waited until the next day, nothing. So, naturally, I followed the next instruction on the notice and tried to contact customer support. That was the most recent Google search. My only issue is that, and I say this with the utmost respect for this game, they didn’t have a way to get live support!!! It was all submitting a ticket!!! I don’t know if you have ever submitted a ticket, but from my experience it usually takes them a few months to get back to you. I’d like to play your game again soon, RIFT developers. Well, I had checked my inbox and my spam folders. I resort to scouring my gmail account to try and find it. I finally find this tab in small print smushed in with a lot of social panels. “All Mail.” I clicked it just as a lark and there it was, plain as day. As well as a few emails that I had been looking for in the past and a few hundred other emails that I didn’t even know that I had gotten. Really Google, please make this crap easier to use. Why do I have two inboxes that are technically designated as the same thing but are somehow different? If you can explain the difference, please do so in the comments of this post.

The other thing that I have recently Google searched but may or may not count in this case was for the picture above. I looked it up while typing up this post. Why? I feel that a little bit of visual enriches my post and helps those that are visual learners to really connect with how I was feeling. At the same time, it keeps people from misunderstanding the tone of my post for the most part. Someone might read a post and think that I am angry or passionate and get a offended, but if they see a picture that would show that I was actually meaning in a lighthearted or goofy way, that helps me convey my message. If you feel like this one was my most recent Google search, alright then. It’s just not quite as interesting as the one above.


Daily Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/11/06/daily-prompt-searching/

Picture: http://empowerdnetwork.blog.com/2012/02/29/do-you-enjoy-pulling-your-hair-out/


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