Daily Prompt Reply: On the Road



It may be a bit selfish, but the family that I would stay with while real life was paused would be one of the families in the Medieval reenactment towns where they live there indefinitely. It would be mainly to serve a purpose, though. I’ve always wanted to be a blacksmith, but lacked any way to pick up the trade. I have watched good smiths at work, and I find the methodical, rhythmic clanging of steel against steel to be therapeutic. The physical activity in itself would be needed, as well. I’ve been a bit of a lump on a log here at home. I would just want to live with the smith’s family in this town and learn as much of the trade as I could.

Some of you might ask yourselves, “Why not just live with the Amish?” Well, that’s a complicated question. While they are a bit more lenient about modern technology, if only barely, the cons would outweigh the pros. I’m not Christian, which would earn me their distrust and resent, along with the frustration it would cause me. Also, their behavioral code is far more strict than I think I could take. While I am a bit of a discipline freak, I don’t really know their etiquette. I would be in a constant state of paranoia that I might do or say something wrong. Meanwhile, I know much more about ancient history, and I could easily live alongside those in a Medieval reenactment village. It would take me a day or two to learn customs, seeing as I already know most of them. Past that, life is life. It would be nice to learn smithing, even if I only get to do it as a hobby.


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