Daily Prompt Reply: Cleaning House



Reading today’s prompt, I felt like they were talking about more than simple cleaning. “Garbage in your life,” seems more like how you deal with things on a daily basis, so you are going to get an insight into this not-so-humble blogger.

I am much more sensitive to things than I would give myself credit for. In fact, everyone in my life piles garbage onto me daily. It’s not a matter of if someone hurts me or not. It’s a matter of who hurts me less than others. As I think about it, I feel like most people are like this, though I may just be completely wrong. It’s hard to tell with these things. Some people are far more self aware than others. Because of this, even people that do feel the same way that I do might not even know it due to a lack of exploration into their own subconscious. It’s food for thought and fuel for irritation.

Considering my sensitive nature, you would think that I might be completely introverted and a bit of a hermit. While I can be a bit of a hermit due to my borderline obsession with video games once I get into one, I am actually quite an extrovert most of the time. However, I don’t really throw this garbage out on the “cleaning day.” Instead, I take a page out of every child’s book who sweeps their stuff under the bed. I shove everything that I can into the basement, using excuses to myself as the broom. That doesn’t make me bitter, although others might tell you differently. These excuses range from, “They didn’t really mean it. I just took it the wrong way,” to, “I can’t really do anything about it. I just need to not worry about it.”

I will most definitely elaborate on this in future posts under my own topic. If I put it all into one post, this would be long enough to be a college research project.


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