Daily Prompt Reply: Standstill

This prompt didn’t define how long time would stand still to allow me to tweak something, so I’ll have to give two answers. My first would be if the case was that time was to stand still indefinitely while I tweaked one thing. This would be what I would prefer, but also the less likely. I would find my way to the Carolina Powerball Lottery building, which would be an impressive task since I don’t even know where that is. Assuming that computers would also be frozen, I hope that my metabolism froze as well. My search would take months of real time, and I would fear that if I ate anything, that would count as my tweak. Once I finally found and reached my destination, I would look at the jackpot numbers and copy them down. That would be assuming that picking up a pencil wouldn’t be a tweak either, that writing wouldn’t be a tweak, and that you could write while time were frozen. After time started again, I would buy the lottery ticket and give the winnings to my father, who is in dire straits at the moment. It’s shocking how one tweak depends on so many smaller things, and how one tweak requires many smaller tweaks. I mean, even if you’re just pulling someone’s pants down in public, you are unbuckling their belt (if they are wearing one), unbuttoning their pants, unzipping their pants, pulling their pants down, and pulling their underwear down. That’s five, less dramatic tweaks that all might count. It’s food for thought. Now, should the standstill only be momentary for a tweak, which may be the case, the options would be far fewer in number. Honestly, at that point you only have time to do one thing without consequence. Of course, if you murdered someone and you were the only one awake at the time, you would still suffer consequences. You couldn’t even steal something. Your fingerprints would still be there, and it might be deduced that it was you. Taking all this into consideration, your options would be very limited. You would barely have time to leave the house, much less go to any length to get somewhere. You would have the time to do something that you could do otherwise without being seen or heard. Anything on a large scale, ranging from theft to murder, that would warrant close attention would still get you caught. With that short amount of time, there would be nothing that I would want to change. Everything that I would want to do would require some amount of time, or leaving no trace. I would probably sit and wait it out. Considering the fact that currently I am sitting at home, the only person awake in a dark room, I probably wouldn’t even be aware that time had stopped. Time feels as though it has stopped to me as it is. Add to that the fact that I have no bearing on the concept of time, and I would completely miss that momentary opportunity. It was an interesting thing to ponder, though.


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