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So we’re supposed to write about something that we’d like, which is a dangerous subject with me. There are many things that I like, but that list involves everything from the perfect pen to actually being able to be violent without getting in legal trouble. Sadly, most of the things that I want are whimsy or impossible. Of course, nothing is impossible, but these are things that would be about as close as one could get. Honestly, what I’d like the most right now is a job. It’s really more of a necessity than a want, but I believe that it counts. There are many positions open near here, but sadly a smooth-talker without much “handyman” experience isn’t really what they are looking for. I applied for a lumberyard, and when I heard that they didn’t even consider me, the thought just turned up that I’d get fired anyway. Someone would run to the manager screaming, “He tried to hit me with the forklift!” Of course, it would have been an incompetent accident…. Most likely, at least. I would greatly enjoy a job where I could cook, but I’m keeping my job search wide open.


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