What is a Good Bit of Theater Without an Introduction?

You’re probably asking yourself why this is called “Random Access Theater.” Well, you may have met people where you never knew what they were going to say. You may have thought that the things they spurted out to come out of thin air, and you may have noticed that they had a constant stream of thought going the whole time, and you just got random bits of access to it now and then. To them, it seemed very interesting in their heads, but without the context, it just didn’t make as much sense. After that, they took the time to try and explain it most likely, but it really never came together. Well, I am that kind of person, but I will attempt to explain things as they come. You should be able to understand it, or at least be able to get some level of entertainment out of some of it. Sometimes I’ll post pictures, others I’ll post links, and sometimes I’ll just ramble on like this with a point at some point among the haystack of eclectic thoughts. Please, do enjoy my ruminations.


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